Costa Rica prohibits the use of styrofoam containers and containers

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The Costa Rican Congress approved a law on Thursday that would prohibit the sell and distribution of styrofoam containers.

The text is intended to prohibit the expansion of polystyrene in the commercial business of the country.

For this, “merchants must make available to the public containers, containers or packaging of other materials to ensure their sustainable use,” as indicated in the text of “Law for Integrated Waste Management.”

The ban would take effect two years after the law was approved as a whole. For this, the Ministry of Health will be assigned the task of developing a plan for the correct and gradual substitution of all these products.

The president, Carlos Alvarado, applauded the initiative from his twitter account.

The 19,833 project will be sent to the presidency where, once signed, it will be made official through its publication in La Gaceta.

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