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First hemp and CBD boutique store opens in Costa Rica

Hemp concept stores are booming in the United States, Europe and arrives for the first time in Costa Rica


Hemp is ceasing to be a taboo in Costa Rica and the whole world, and it’s coming back big time with its multiple opportunities for work, business and legal products that some say benefit people’s health and nutrition.

This Thursday, September 23, the first concept store dedicated to the hemp plant opens its doors, a plant that stores the ability to dress, feed us and benefit our health.

Its name is from The Void Hemp Concept Store and is a project of the company Zegreenlab, pioneers in the hemp industry in Central America. These types of stores are booming in different cities such as New York, Los Angeles or Paris and now, exclusively for Costa Rica.

“The store is in Sabana Norte and will function as a showcase so that visitors can see for the first time first-hand the artisan work of hemp culture. A plant that has accompanied humanity for millennia,” its press release reads.

It is striking that the store offers a wide range of products made with hemp. From textile materials, clothing, wallets, skateboards, tennis, household items and even products of its Osmosis CBD brand.

“We use hemp in fashion because we want to build alternatives that help counteract the pollution problem in the industry and find a balance. We believe the hemp plant has potential for it. Being one of the least polluting, most durable and flexible organic products that exist, “they say.

First legal CBD dispensary in Central America

In recent years, Costa Rica has been arguing about how to give legal access to products with hemp or its cannabidiol compound (CBD) while legislators are discussing a law to enable their planting in the country.

The demand for oils of this type has grown during the last years as many experiences’ great benefits in their health in a therapeutic or nutritional way. The Void Hemp Store will host for the first time a place where visitors will be able to legally access Osmosis-branded CBD.

“We are reliving a new era in natural health and sustainable architecture. Hemp is an incredible plant, not only because of its industrial profits, but also because other fascinating disciplines revolve around it. The Void is the place we have created for art, fashion, gastronomy, and natural health to converge. Everyone is welcome,” says the CEO.





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