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How I cured my Chron’s Disease using high THC cannabis oil

My name is Mike Wise, and this is my story.


This article was written by Mike Wise.

My name is Mike Wise, and I want to share my story of how I cured Crohn’s disease using cannabis oil produced via the Rick Simpson protocol. Before I get into the details, I would like to share my symptoms with you because throughout my life I have had many friends with similar symptoms. Yours may not be as bad as mine was, but if left untreated it will get progressively worse.

I have always been on the go, an “A-Type” personality as they say. It’s hard for me to sit still or remain idle, so my days are never-ending and I am always moving. My entire life has been on the road, traveling constantly; first as a professional skateboarder in my pre-college years then working as a broadcast television camera operator and filmmaker after graduating from

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The University of Texas. I never really developed good eating habits so eating fast food from drive through restaurants, drinking sodas daily, and taking acetaminophen (over-the-counter pain/headache medicine) were commonplace activities during my life on the road.

It all started around 2001, as an occasional bloating type feeling and general discomfort after meals. At first, a few belches would relieve the discomfort. Then over the years, a few belches after each meal then became dozens of belches during, and after meals, and all throughout the day.

The general discomfort turned into sharp chest pains, so sharp that it would cause vomiting. Eventually it got so bad that it would affect my sleep and it became impossible to get more than 4 hours of sleep each night. I would have to eat a snack every 2 to 4 hours or I would become extremely nauseous. My symptoms now affected me during every hour of my life.

I would be nauseous all day, and no longer had an appetite; ever. I had to eat something or the excruciating chest pains would return. Then the vomiting.

Every 2 to 4 hours, extremely sharp pains and vomiting… but I could not eat every 2 to 4 hours at night. This is the time which most people sleep. How could I eat if I was asleep? So every night, I would sleep for as long as I could; which was never longer than 2-4 hours. I would wake up, run to the toilet, and vomit.

Every morning. This was how I started my day. Every day. I began to live in the bath room. The vomiting became more and more frequent. From once a day, to dozens of times per day. Then came the blood…

Every time I would vomit there would be blood in it. It alarmed me at first, but began to happen so frequently it became normal. Then the diarrhea started. Then that got worse. The diarrhea then began to have blood in it. Occasionally at first, but then the blood became more and more frequent.

Every trip away from my home was meticulously planned to keep me within easy access to a toilet every 30 minutes. My life became a series of destinations to different toilets. Everything else was secondary to the disease. It controlled my life… Until I found about about Rick Simpson Oil.

Rick Simpson Oil, RSO, High THC Cannabis Oil, FECO (Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil), Golden Oil, Hemp Oil, Honey Oil, Amber Oil… New names seem to come out every day, but they are all referring to the same thing. An extract produced by washing the resins off the cannabis plant with a solvent, then boiling that solvent off.

These are the essential extracts from the cannabis plant. The real medicine. When done correctly, this process will leave you with a pure, clean oil. No coconut oil, mct oil, grapeseed oil, etc. are added when making this oil. These type of oils are known as “carrier oils” and will help to get the cannabinoids into your blood stream more efficiently through “bio-availability”.

For this reason, I add a small amount of coconut oil into my suppositories (complete process is outlined in my free video, link provided below). I do not dilute my dose with it, but instead add some into my suppository along with my full dose.

This is completely different from products sold by most within the “cannabis industry” that I will refer to as a tincture, which are primarily composed out of these carrier oils with very little cannabinoids contained inside.

Please understand that these ingredients are traditionally added to dilute the oil into a nicely packaged “product” developed to be sold to you; not to cure you. During the peak of this protocol you should be ingesting 1000mg of cannabinoids daily, primarily THC.

Do not believe the “golden oil” hype: Tinctures which are touted as being better because of their golden oil color which are made completely out of carrier oils and typically contain around 150mg of cannabinoids. You would have to be consuming just under 7 bottles of these tinctures a day to be consuming the necessary amount of cannabinoids needed for this protocol!!

This simple process can be done at home using basic kitchen appliances, and producing the oil yourself is the only way to ensure that you are getting the real thing. I have made a video that is available to watch for free which describes the entire process along with everything you need to know about dosing, and various methods of ingestion.

Around September 2016, I produced my first batch of oil at home using 1 ounce of indica buds and began to ingest the oil. Immediately, I noticed a relief of my symptoms. In an instant, I had regained my appetite and slept a full 8 hours the first night I took the oil.

For the first two months, I was so happy with the results I was witnessing that I did not follow Rick’s protocol on dosing. Since I was feeling so good mentally and physically, and all my symptoms had subsided; I decided to embark on a cross-country tour with former NFL athlete Boo Williams to promote cannabis through his BooBeary Kares brand.

Everything was going great! We had traveled to about 13 states at this point and were educating people all across the US to the medical benefits of the plant all along the way. Then we got to Canada…

After a series of unfortunate events, I ended up detained in a Canadian jail cell at the border. They eventually let me go and allowed us to continue on our journey after paying a hefty fine, and confiscating my oil. The next week was absolute hell!

The combination of not having the oil along with the stress of the incident caused my symptoms to immediately return. Once I got home, I made another batch but still didn’t follow Rick’s advice for dosing.

Then at the end of November, I flew out to Croatia to film with Rick Simpson for a new documentary I am producing. When I was out there, Rick saw the condition I was in (I was still vomiting if I didn’t eat every 6 to 8 hours or so at the time) and scolded me accordingly.

“For god sake’s Mike, take the oil” he would tell me. “It would really benefit you.” So after I got back home to Colorado, I made some more oil and began to strictly follow the protocol for the first time.

I bring this story up as a reminder to not get complacent as soon as your symptoms subside. It is EXTREMELY important to ingest at least 60 grams of the extracts in 90 days and to then continue a maintenance dose of at least 1 gram per month.

The dosing protocol goes like this: ingesting a rice grain size amount three times a day, then doubling that dose on the fourth day. Every four days until you are taking a gram total per day. Along with following this protocol, I believe that is also very important to switch your diet to one that is referred to as a “high alkaline” diet.

Taking out all refined sugars and carbohydrates, and to reduce your stress levels. Removing all sources of stress from your life is also a good idea. I did this for 120 days total, ingesting 90 grams over that time.

Halfway through my regimen, I discovered the importance of ingesting the medicine via suppository. This is the most effective and medically beneficial method of ingesting the medicine.

To make the suppositories, I simply go down to the nearest health food store and purchase some empty gelatin or vegetable capsules along with some organic coconut oil. I take them home, open them up, and add a small amount of the coconut oil into the capsule. I then add my dose and use the coconut oil as a lubricant. Simple and clean.

When it was all said and done, I took the first 45 grams orally; then the second 45 grams via suppository in a total of 120 days. My oil was made with 5-6 indica strains mixed together, is full spectrum, and extremely high in THC (50%-95%) and only about 1% CBD.

Since March of this year, I stopped taking the oil daily and have been ingesting 1 gram per month as a maintenance dose via suppository. My symptoms have completely subsided since beginning this protocol, and have not returned.

Since I began to make the oil for myself, I have also made it for over 1000 patients around the world. As well as educating hundreds of thousands on how to make it themselves. Every single person has reported positive results for whatever condition they were treating.

Everyone who strictly followed the regimen has cured or controlled their disease, just like I have.

From brain tumors and cancers (unless undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, patients who have taken those pharmaceutical poisons will most likely need to consume a gram a day, for the rest of their life), to Alzheimer’s, COPD, Lyme, chronic pain, various skin conditions, addiction issues, etc. The list goes on and on. Cannabis Saves Lives. Prohibition needs to end. Now!!





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