Italian company creates hemp masks to fight COVID-19

One company developed hemp masks to donate to Italian hospitals in the coronavirus struggle

One company developed hemp masks to donate to Italian hospitals in the coronavirus struggle.

To cope with the daily struggle against coronavirus, an Italian brand has created hemp masks.

Italy has been one of the most affected countries leaving thousands of deads, sadness and economic crisis.

“We were afraid to be misusing disposable masks and after this dramatic event we also had to deal with all product waste such as uniform masks, gloves, etc,” explained Cinza  Vismara  of the company  Maekor who produced the masks.

After some ideas for prototypes and the information developed around these coronavirus cases the entrepreneurs decided to act quickly.

“We decided to use the hemp we had in stock, but since we didn’t have elastic bands and the shops are closed, we had to improvise. I contacted one of my cousins who work as a doctor at the Cagliari Hospital whose father had been a seamstress for many years”,” Maeko told via Facebook.

“So we sent the tissue and started working on the first masks  that cousin came to the hospital our initial idea was that selling the sale but after discovering that in this hospital it was hard to get paper masks we donate them and send many more.

The masks that were manufactured are washable, waterproof and has double protection.

“The caregivers were very satisfied we also sent the fiber to a customer from Milan who made another production for sale and their testimony was wonderful. Especially, a person who after a day of using the masks confirmed that he had no smell of saliva like those that happen with traditional paper masks.

This fact can be explained through various studies that show the natural antibacterial properties of hemp…  This is today one of the most fascinating topics for the scientific community.


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