Mexico approves 38 cannabis-based products


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The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) approved 38 cannabis-based products that can now be sold in Mexican.

The representative of the Institution Julio Sánchez informed that each of the products approved the established regulatory tests, among which are maintaining the levels of tetrahydrocannbinol (THC) to less than 1%. He also added that they received 41 requests.

It consists of 21 food supplements, 2 raw products of hemp, 9 cosmetics and 6 of them are food products.

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The applications were received by 6 pharmaceutical companies; 4 Mexican, 2 American and 1 Spanish. Among them: Master Pharmacies who also have permission to import THC to make products, MedMex, Organic Oils of America, CBD Life, CBD Science and Endo Natura Labs.

“This is a historic moment. Products with cannabis have been banned in Mexico for 90 years. Now that the general law of health has been modified for medicinal, scientific and industrial purposes, today they have given us authorization, “said Julio Sánchez.

According to COFEPRIS, these types of products can help treat insomnia, pain, epilepsies, arthritis and other types of ailments.

Products with THC will not be allowed and, rather, psychoactivity is seen as a problem by Mexican legislation despite the fact that this cannabinoid has proven therapeutic effects that can help improve cannabis-based products.

Photo: Moisés Pablo.





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