Second day updates: Reform Conference 2015

*Featured Photography Taken by David Morgan Virginia. The second day of the Drug Policy Alliance 2015 […]
November 21, 2015

*Featured Photography Taken by David Morgan

Virginia. The second day of the Drug Policy Alliance 2015 Reform Conference was packed with a variety of exciting and remarkably interesting panels. A panel titled "Drug Prevention in the Age of Marijuana Legalization" explored current research and best practices for preventing underage cannabis use.

Interestingly, use of cannabis by teenagers  in the United States as more states have legalized medical cannabis. The overall scope of research has made it abundantly clear that Prohibition completely fails to reduce drug use, but education is potently effective.

Read: Teen Marijuana use falls as more states legalize

After the main sessions, there was a networking panel for researchers and academics. It was an excellent opportunity for individuals from many sectors to communicate with each other and share updates. The Drug Policy Alliance also announced the formation of the Office of Academic Engagement, a new part of the organization intended to engage with researchers. The goals include:

  1. Support academics in doing advocacy, such as lobbying, testifying, writing opinion pieces, and responding to queries from the media.
  2. Convene experts from a range of disciplines to inform the field on the latest developments in drugs and drug policy.
  3. Strengthen the DPA's use of research and scholarship in developing and advancing its policy positions.

The third day of the DPA conference will feature an excellent medical cannabis panel. Stay tuned for updates!

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Se trata del #EPM301, un cannabinoide sintético supuestamente más fuerte que el CBD y el THC. Link en bio🍁

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🇮🇱: Los representantes del Ministerio de Salud llevaron a cabo una reforma que excluye por primera vez desde 1973, a los productos a base de #CBD de la lista de Sustancias Psicotrópicas Ilegales.
Esto permitiría una dramática baja en los precios y busca abrirle camino a la exportación de cannabis a nivel mundial. Link en bio. 🍁

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