Study: Cannabis improves the life of cancer patients in the neck and head



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A study of 74 patients with head and neck cancer showed those who were cannabis users had a better quality of life. The study was conducted in Canada with 148 patients. The improvement was seen specifically in the decrease of anxiety, pain and showed an increase in appetite.

The study was published in the JAMA Network, a prestigious medical journal in the United States by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.

Your initial question wanted to answer the following hypothesis:

Will there be any difference between patients diagnosed with head and neck cancer who are cannabis users and those who are not?

Patients who were part of this research were enrolled consecutively and prospectively at the time of diagnosis in a third-level cancer care center. The study was extended from January 2011 to January 1, 2015 collecting demographic data and quality of life of patients and were finally analyzed in the last months of 2017.

In this way 74 user patients were placed versus 74 non-users.

The study was conducted in a third-level cancer care center. After the comparison obtained, the researchers state:

“The recreational use of marijuana improves quality of life and psychosocial outcomes among patients recently diagnosed with head and neck cancer,” the study notes.

This is the first investigation that analyzes this topic. Cannabis sativa is the now legal substance, used in Canada with many detractors. Despite this, it facilitates users relaxation and relief of anxiety while reducing pain.
The results obtained from the 148 patients concluded that there were no significant differences in age, sex and tumors. The users of cannabis had lower results in anxiety / depression, as well as pain / discomfort, less pain, fatigue and, in turn, greater appetite.

In Canada, the recreational market will be legal as of September.

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Daniel Gomez