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Supreme Court orders to legalize medical cannabis

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The Supreme Court of Mexico ordered the Ministry of Health to create the necessary regulations for medical cannabis within in a period of 6 months.

In 2017, the use was legalized, although the authorities have not made progress with the details to provide access which has been cataloged by the Supreme Court as a failure since it puts patients at risk, including children.

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The signaling of the court with the greatest weight in Mexico seeks to legislate in favor of children with severe epilepsy who need medicines derived from cannabis, either THC or CBD.

“Due to the absence of regulatory rules for the therapeutic use of cannabis, it was impossible for children to access treatment based on this substance and its derivatives,” the court said.

In this way, during the last weeks a strong legislative work of “dialogue to the Mexican” has begun, which includes the opinion of civil organizations, as well as that of legislators.

The supreme ordered that the guidelines be ready by June 2017.

Mexican organizations consulted by MCN have opined that the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is making progress impossible despite having presented a legalization plan.

In recent interviews, Obrador referred to the issue saying that the first thing his government is going to deal with is “addiction” and the last regulation. This indicates it would be a setback for years as it is the approach that has been treated in Mexico for years without real successes.

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