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Surveys: For the First Time, Americans Use More Cannabis Than Tobacco

Cannabis has displaced tobacco in the US


A Gallup poll showed that for the first time in recent history,  smoke more cannabis than tobacco.

The survey was conducted July 5-26, 2022 and revealed that 16% of Americans prefer to smoke cannabis while 11% said they have smoked cigarettes.

This information also proves that during the last decades the consumption of cannabis has increased steadily and the tendency of cigarettes has decreased becoming almost an important generational situation.

While in 1969 only 4% of people indicated having tried this substance, in 2022 48% said they had consumed.

Likewise, the perception of the risk of cigarettes increased from 14% to 83%. A trend that has been analyzed in 2019. Most of the repeat smokers in the survey said they wanted to quit and if they could, they would never have started.  

While 53% of consumers surveyed see positive effects on consumers.

“Cigarette smoking is clearly in decline and is more likely to become a rarity in the coming years,” said Frank Newport, a senior scientist at Gallup.

“This reflects both public awareness of its negative effects and ongoing government efforts at all levels to restrict its use.”

Despite this, alcohol continues to reign in popularity with 67% of Americans. However, 70% acknowledge that it has negative health effects.





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