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Thailand to allow domestic cultivation and sale of medical cannabis

This is the first asian country to legalize home cannabis cultivation


The Thai government approved a series of reforms to the narcotics law to allow domestic cultivation and the sale of cannabis for medicinal use.

This is part of the government’s strategies for the development of industry in Thailand. Traditionally, citizens have used  this plant for pain relief and body fatigue. This eventually led to its medicinal legalization in 2007.

According to a government spokesman,  Traiuree  Taisaranakul, this reform will allow businesses, doctors and patients to produce their own flowers,import or export these products.

“The law seeks to promote the pharmaceutical industry and increase its competitiveness, which will be important for Thailand to become a world leader in medical cannabis,” said Health Minister Anutin  Charnvirakul.

Over the past few years, changes in the narcotics law have been on the rise. The first was to  remove cannabis extracts from established prohibitions. However, fines for unlawful possession can be up to 15 years in prison or he can be high fines.

The proposed changes this month will be reviewed byparliament. Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country to legalize medical cannabis. Most countries in Asia condemn trafficking or cannabis use on their territory to death





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