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The first Uruguayan legal hemp exportation arrives in Switzerland

This is the first time an Uruguayan company exports hemp in history


The first half a ton of Uruguayan hemp – flowers less than 1% THC – was sent to Europe with the aim of becoming the world’s first largest export in the field.

This is the second big export made from the country that fully legalized cannabis in 2013. The first shipment was sent to the United States and Australia.

These flowers will be used in the first hand, to produce extracts or derived cannabis products that can be commercialized in the Swiss market, a place where cannabis light (high in CBD), is booming.

Even though the news may seem “normal”, the exportation was a difficult road. In Uruguay, cultivation was legalized in 2013, but there was no regulatory framework until then that would allow such a large export.

The argetinians Guido Husni & Lucas Crivilone are the founders of Cplant.

According to the president  of the Chamber of Medicinal Cannabis Companies, Marco Algorta, the companies have received a government boost and it was through a decree that restrictions were resolved that they “absolutely trangate the practice of international trade” of this substance.

Entrepreneurs plan to send 10 tonne of cannabis biomass to Switzerland, hoping to reach veins of up to 50 tonnes of flowers.

This time it was flowers from their production, but it is expected for the next projects, the inclusion of local producers who will be given the selected plants in the long process until export.





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