Therapeutic cannabis improves behavior in patients with dementia

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A group of 10 female patients with dementia and behavioral problems showed an improvement in their health after two months of administration of an oral cannabis extract.

This was demonstrated in a study carried out by scientists from the Department of Primary Care and Community Medicine in the University Hospitals of Geneva in Switzerland.

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The study that was published in the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids showed that this improvement was made through tinctures containing both tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) in a ratio of 1: 2.

The aim of the hospital is to find new methods of treatment for dementia, a disease without effective medications for treatment and improvement of symptoms.

According to the study, the ten women were given an average of 7.6 mg THC / 13.2 mb of CBD. After 2 weeks it changed to 8.8 mg of THC and 17.6 mg. Subsequently, 9 mg THC / 18.0 mg of CBD in two months.

“Scores on a visual analogue scale of behavior problems decreased by 40% after 2 months and by 50% stiffness. Half of them dropped the dose or stopped taking other psychotropic medications, “says the study.

Decrease in medication intake

The study highlights the fact that half of the patients under investigation stopped taking psychotropic medications. In addition, there were no side effects in the use of medicinal cannabis.

“Half of them dropped the dose or stopped taking other psychotropic medications. The staff that attended them noticed a decrease in stiffness, facilitating daily care and transfers, improved direct contact with patients, improved behavior and decreased constipation by reducing opiate doses. “, The Swiss research highlights.

The document concludes that the oral extract of THC / CBD, in higher doses than in previous studies, was positively tolerated and greatly improved the behavior, rigidity and daily care problems of patients with dementia.

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