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Uruguay: homegrown cannabis increased 50% in the last year

The main reason is people's decision to grow their own cannabis


New data on the state of regulation in Uruguay indicates that the registration of cannabis home growers reached 50% in the last year.

According to a study carried out by the Catholic University of Uruguay, one of the main reasons for this increase is due to the decision of citizens to grow their own buds.

This was the response of at least 74% of respondents. Another reasoning has to do with “avoiding contact with criminals”, according to the opinion of 50%, and finally, the argument that they grow “because it is legal” with 43%.

Last year almost 8500 growers were registered, today there are 12 thousand registered.

“To grow your own plants is a pleasure”, is what 63% of respondents said.

The successes of legalization

It is becoming increasingly understandable that regulation in Uruguay continues to attract more and more people. According to data from the Institute for Cannabis Regulation and Control (IRCA), legality has decreased clandestine pathways. Access by regulated routes increased by 15% in the last year.

With 15 pharmacies enabled to sell cannabis, at least 62,667 obtained it legally. At least 7,000 more people than in May 2020.

According to the specialists, although consumption has increased, the purchase of drug trafficking and the violence derived has also decreased.





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