Argentina: 63% of population in favor of cannabis legalization

In Argentina, cannabis is now being associated to well-being.


63% of Argentines are in favor of legalization according to a study published this week.

The survey conducted by Kantar, a company dedicated to the analysis of consumer data and behaviour, reflects that perception of cannabis has changed dramatically in recent years.

The report indicates that women’s opinion is the most favorable.

“Women are more open than men and are the ones leading the change. (67% vs. 58% in men), says the report.

The data responds to January this year, when 1000 people were made. In addition to 63% in favor, it exists at 16% against and 21% without any positioning.

Citizen perception

A large majority of Argentines are looking for the state regulation. 4 out of 10 believes this is the formula for hitting organized crime and thus reducing violence.

The great movement in support of mom’s growing for their ill children,  who help patients or practice self-cultivation have been successful in showing the welfare face that the plant offers.

“When they think about future and possible uses of cannabis, 8 out of 10 Argentines associate it with the universe of health (physical and emotional relief).”

This change reflects a new way of thinking of Argentine society whose process in the liberation of this thought has led to imprisonment and attacks of the state against its citizens.

“In general, the change in perception about cannabis coexists with the  growth of naturist and holistic currents linked to health, concern for the environment and the rise of certain mindfulness practices; that enable new forms of physical and mental health treatment.”

Read the report:

Photo: Gio Bartlet.





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