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France will treat 3000 patients with therapeutic cannabis


In the National Assembly, this Friday October 25, a green light was given to the experimentation of the use of medical cannabis in France.

This approval is given in the framework of the budget exam granted by social security for the preparation of this project in 2020.

This pilot plan should last two years and will aim to relieve more than 3000 patients suffering from serious diseases and who may benefit from the active principles of cannabis such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) among others.

In July, the National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) had endorsed this project.

According to the Secretary of State Christelle Dubos, the project aims to include at least 6 months for commissioning, 6 for the inclusion of patients, and 6 more follow-up to analyze the data to give a definitive result for the scientific committee.

“It is not the Canarian ointment, nor the great anti pain is not about developing a new medicine that replaces paracetamol or one or another analgesic if it is not about finding a way to provide a new treatment attached,” said Olivier Verán of the match official in Marche.

Flowers, oils or infusions

According to the ANSM, treatments can be taken by means of dried flowers, oils and eventually cannabis-based infusions.

Likewise, the different people in charge of access to genetics rich in CBD or THC that will be used according to the corresponding diseases.





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