Latin American Leads Institute Pro Cannabis legalization In Germany

This post is also available in: EspañolThe European Institute of Multidisciplinary Studies on Human Rights […]
January 28, 2019

This post is also available in: Español

The European Institute of Multidisciplinary Studies on Human Rights and Sciences Knowmad Institut based in Germany, seeks business support to develop projects and research mainly on sustainable development, blockchain, cannabis and psychedelics.

On December 7, 2018, it was the official launch of the Knowmad Institute in Vienna, Austria, during the International Conference on Cannabis Policy, which hosted, from then on, its representatives: the Reverend Martin Diaz and Daniela Keller have -organized several conferences at the United Nations in search of technical debates that propose new alternatives to address the problematic of illegalized drug markets, the defense of human dignity and related contemporary issues.

Martin Diaz, a Salvadoran by birth, was forced to leave his country with only 20 years due to death threats while denouncing a drug trafficking case that included high-level government officials.

Since then, it has been dedicated to promoting a new vision on the reform of drug policies that is based on human dignity and that can end violence and crimes related to corruption in the fight against drug trafficking.

His work has taken him to Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Costa Rica, the United States and Austria.

In Germany, the country where he currently resides, together with a group of distinguished experts at the international level, he founded the Knowmad Institut with his first event in December as part of the discussions currently taking place in Vienna to reclassify the current category of cannabis as "drug without therapeutic capacity "a Medical and Scientific Conference on medicinal cannabis in the United Nations.

"The vision of the Knowmad Institute is to contribute to the promotion and fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, and thus participate in the construction of a sustainable, just and multipolar world," Díaz told MCN.

Note: The SDG is an initiative promoted by the United Nations to adopt measures that protect the planet, end poverty and guarantee the wellbeing of the population.

"This year we will have a presence again at the UN, where we will take the voice of all people who seek a human model of international drug control in favor of human dignity," said Díaz.

You can find more information about the Knowmad Institute at this link:


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Tutorial de Extracción Mama Cultiva Argentina

7 minutos para aprender a hacer extractos de cannabis para uso terapéutico. Vía Mama Cultiva Argentina

Posted by Medical Cannabis News Costa Rica on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

This post is also available in: Español

Escrito por: Daniel Gomez
Publicado en la revista 

Ninja Fruit 🍇 guarda en sus tricomas lo mejor del Haze y el aroma de las uvas. Date una vuelta por el #MCNCatalogue para más flores alucinantes. 🗞 📸 #cannabisphotography 🍁 ...

Cada vez son más los testimonios que relatan la capacidad del #cannabidiol para controlar las convulsiones sobre todo en niños que a cierta edad desarrollan estos síntomas.🧪
El #CBD es un cannabinoide no-psicoactivo capaz de modular la actividad eléctrica y química en el cerebro lo cual ayuda a silenciar el exceso de actividad que producen las convulsiones.
⚡️La epilepsia está caracterizada por desequilibrios en la actividad eléctrica de las neuronas. Cuando existen desniveles en esa actividad se desarrollan consecuencias en el campo cognitivo, neurológico y psicológico de una persona.
La importancia del cannabis medicinal en niños con epilepsia es que a medida que se desarrolla la enfermedad los medicamentos suelen tener efectos secundarios que son graves para el desarrollo de las facultades individuales y esto crea problemas de tipo afectivo en el núcleo familiar debido a lo fuerte que suelen ser las convulsiones en un gran cantidad de casos.
LINK EN BIO. 🗞 #cannabis #health #charlottesweb #mamacultiva #costaricacultiva🇨🇷

#MCNCulture. Art by @aledelvalle.c 🌿 #cannabis ...


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