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Oregon legalizes psilocybin for medical purposes

First State to Legalize magic mushroom therapy


Again Oregon, the State of the United States makes history. Citizens of residents of this State voted on a law (Measure 109) to legalize and regulate the medicinal use of one of the therapeutic compounds of a class of fungi known as Psylocibin.

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in several types of psychoactive fungi, also known as “hallucinogenic fungi” or “psychedelic fungi”. However, despite what the police, television and the judicial system have told you for decades, the use of such treatments is foundational in societies such as Mesoamerican.

Psilocybin will not be sold in stores as adult cannabis is sold in Oregon. But this measure states that the official department of Health creates regulations for program regulations. Projections indicate that legal treatments with this substance will begin until 2023 or 2024.

Taxes and sale

The measure creates the Oregon Psilocibe Services Program who will be responsible for issuing licenses, regulating producers, distributors, and auditing that the use is strictly for people with the medical requirements established by the health department. This type of service will have 15% tax.





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