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Patients allowed to use magic mushrooms for cancer in Canada

Psylocibin is know for it's therapeutical effects on depresion.


The government of Canada announced that it will allow terminal cancer patients to access therapies using fungi known as Psilocibis Cubensis, better known as ‘psychedelic mushrooms’.

This was announced by the portfolio through health minister Patty Hajdu,  according to a press release from a nonprofit. The initiative seeks to give access to those Canadians who know about this issue.

Laurie Brooks of TheraPsil, is one of the terminal cancer patients who will benefit from this event.  

“The recognition of the pain and anxiety I’ve been suffering means a lot to me, I feel emotional,” he said in the statement.

Studies have shown that this type of cough treatmentserves in this type of patients to reduce anxiety and depression. This type of openness occurs in a context where traditional medicines are falling behind in the treatment of many types of related diseases.

At the beginning of the year, a study conducted by researchers in New York found that this substance managed to reduce anxiety and depression disorders by 60%-80% in a clinical study.

The study also indicates that in the long run the results are positive. In nearly 3 or 5 years later, 15 patients showed  improvement. The conclusions underscore the ability of this substance to bring out significant spiritual experiences.





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