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Renato Alvarado: “We have worked very hard because we found that there’s a very important market niche for hemp.”

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The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Renato Alvarado, assured this week that the government has technical studies and business alliances for the development of the hemp industry in Costa Rica.

 “We have worked very hard because we found that there is a very important market niche for hemp. It is a product that has very important qualities. We are starting to bring seedlings to do agronomic studies that tell us where to plant better,” he said in the press conference this morning.

This issue is part of government strategies to reactivate the economy in the face of the delicate economic situation in the country. Another of the measures proposed by the government will be for the state banks to make available to the productive sector a total of ₡ 900 billion, flexible working hours and different budgets to generate public works.

On the other hand, they seek to promote laws to attract retired people to live in the country, the modernization of the National Learning Institute (INA) and finally, the sequence of opening of national parks and hotels, commerce and restaurants will follow. until ending with international tourism and events.

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