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Senators approve cannabis cultivation for medicinal purposes

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The Chamber of Senators of Paraguay approved the bill that proposes the regulation of the use, cultivation and processing of cannabis for therapeutic use.

The vote was yesterday. With 20 votes in favor and 11 against, the project presented by Senators Víctor Ríos and Patrick Kemper. After this result obtained as a half sanction of the Upper House, the project now sent to the deputies to continue their discussion.

The bill aims to modify the current articles of the law that prohibits the possession and cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

“It is a victory for medicinal users. It is a fundamental step to achieve total freedom of the plant, ”Paraguayan activist Edgar Martínez told MCN.

According to the project, a medical prescription certified by the Ministry of Health (MSP) tenure, cultivation and consumption will be legal. 

This would come to remove a great pitfall for current patients consuming this plant.

Another positive aspect of the crop is the willingness to assign a grower to someone who needs it and with permits, can have an authorization and not go to jail.

“Beyond any discussion, we as a society cannot continue to criminalize a desperate mother who seeks to mitigate her son’s pain,” said Senator Rios.

The law will also punish those who fail to comply with the obligations of these benefits.

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