Senators support the acquittal of Edgar Martínez, prisoner for donating cannabis oil

This post is also available in: EspañolThis Tuesday, October 22, the future of Egdar Martínez […]
October 20, 2019

This post is also available in: Español

This Tuesday, October 22, the future of Egdar Martínez Sucuman, a Paraguayan activist sentenced in 2017 to two and a half years in prison for possession of cannabis, will be decided.

In the prisons of Colonel Oviedo and Ciudad del Este he served one year and six months of imprisonment and from the last 13 months granted him the benefit of house arrest. However, the judges want to imprison him again.

There for he attended to the court several times in the last months.

The contradictory detail in this case is that the Paraguayan government  has recently granted licences for the production of medical cannabis.

Given this scenario, the current senator, Esperanza Martínez, once a former health minister, expressed her report to the inconsistent handling faced by Martínez Sucuman for more than 3 years.

So has the Senator Víctor Ríos.

"The Edgar case is the most pathetic expression of this hypocrisy, because: how Edgar is a crime and the authorization to others by decree? And not only that, they are authorized to import," surely.

It has been the prosecutor Elvio Aguilera Vázquez who has insisted on seeking a conviction that according to those involved "the Judicial System would leave a very important precedent for the future use of medical cannabis."

That is, it could be the perfect sentence to allegedly limit the right to medicinal cultivation to be left exclusively in private hands.

"It is a state terrorism, it is not against me, it is against the entire population because they want to leave a negative precedent; it was my turn, if they condemn me for five years, for the time that I have been imprisoned and I will be free, but it will be a blow to all the struggle of many people, to everything already achieved in this field, as the law that recognizes cannabis oil as medicine," he said in a recent interview.

International support The case of Tucumán has permeated all Latin American countries. Important figures of the movement such as Cythia Fariña, director of Mamá Cultiva, Ana María Gazmuri (Daya Foundation, Chile), Armando Pérez (Green Cure, Peru), as well as the sick people he helped.

This post is also available in: Español

Escrito por: Daniel Gomez
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