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Vitamin D nearly eliminated all COVID-19 hospitalizations, study says

People whose Vitamin D levels are low aremore at risk of contracting the virus


On the way to finding new treatment options for SARS-COV2 disease, known as COVID-19, the curious have become interested in the correlation between Vitamin D and the immune system.

A study conducted in Spain with 76 patients positive for COVID-19 showed that 50 patients who were treated with Vitamin D, only 2% were admitted to the ICU Intensive Care Center.

The research divided patients into two groups. One of them was given conventional hospital treatment, and the other, a supplement known as Calcifediol, a metabolite of Vitamin D found in the blood.

Is vitamin D effective as a treatment?

This study accompanied by other articles we have published on ginger and curcumin; vitamin D shows a correlation between vitamin D consumption and degrowth of mortality or effects with COVID-19.

“Our pilot study showed that the administration of a high dose of Calcifediol or 25-hydroxyvitamin D, a major metabolite of the endocrine vitamin D system, significantly reduced the need for ICU treatment of patients requiring hospitalization due to coVID-19 tested,” the study notes.

In addition, another consequence of vitamin D deficiency in the blood is the increase in cardiovascular, brain and immune system disorders.





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